Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wicca?

Answer – Differing responses are common to this question as there is no “one true way” in the Wiccan faith. It is a fairly modern new religion, that is based on older earth based religions. Wiccan helps one reconnect with the solar and lunar cycles; we celebrate the seasons by following what we call the wheel of the year, each equinox and solstice is a holy day, and there are holy days between each of those, giving the wheel of the year eight holy days to celebrate.

Is there anything I need to learn before coming to a public ritual?

Answer – Our public rituals are open to everyone. The clergy explains the rituals before starting, and will walk everyone through each part.

Can I attend without participating in the public ritual?

Answer – Yes. We have chairs set up outside the circle for those wishing to observe. We only ask that those observing remain quiet and respectful during the ritual.

How old do I have to be to attend a public ritual?

Answer – Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Can I bring children?

Answer – Children are welcome, however it is the parents responsibility to supervise. We are a small organization and do not have a dedicated childcare service at this time.

Is there clergy training?

Answer- We only offer temple clergy training to temple members who are on the board. For more information on this, please contact us.

What is a temple membership?

Answer- We are a small religious organization, and we run on members. In order to continue offering public rituals, and workshops, we need members to keep this going. In the future we would like to offer more workshops, more rituals, new resources, and new perks. Many of our temple board members have been here for years, and we would love to see new faces.

In the province of Saskatchewan, to be allowed to legally perform weddings, funeral services, and other services offered by religious organizations, we need at least 100 members. This is one of the reasons we ask people to become members if they qualify.

If you have questions about membership, or about Sky River Temple in general, please send us a message.

Can I record or film a public ritual?

Answer- No. You may attend a public ritual and observe, but no recording of any kind is allowed. If you have further questions on this, please contact us and we will be happy to answer them.

Do you worship Satan?

Answer- No. Wiccans do not follow the Christian faith. We honour different Gods than Christians. Wicca and Satanism are completely different religions.

If you did not find your answer here, please use our contact form and send us a message.