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Who we are, and what we do

Sky River Temple is the the Saskatoon Chapter for the Congregationalist Wiccan Association of Saskatchewan (C.W.A.S). We hold public Wiccan rituals for the Wheel of the year. Public rituals are open to adults and minors accompanied by a parent or guardian. All public rituals are free of charge. For those inclined, we welcome donations to help with operating costs. Rituals are led by the temple clergy, in an open and welcoming environment.

Classes and workshops offered by Sky River Temple are held throughout the year. These are open to the public, and temple members. These are taught by members of the temple and people from the community.

What is C.W.A.S.

The Congregationalist Wiccan Association of Saskatchewan (C.W.A.S) is a non-profit organization which offers free public Wiccan Rituals and Services to the general public of Saskatchewan. Rituals are hosted by local temples in their area. Currently there are two temples in Saskatchewan, one in Saskatoon (Sky River) and one in Regina (Sage Wind).

C.W.A.S is a public Wiccan church, a sister church of the C.W.A.B.C (established 2004) and the C.W.A.A (established 2007) and a member of the federal Congregationalist Witchcraft Association (established 1991).

As a church we support the spiritual lives of individuals and families from birth to death and beyond, provide opportunities for spiritual growth and development in all parts of life, and build religious communities.

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